What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music
What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music


New links are added all the time:


www.keyents.co.uk - entertainers etc. Bournemouth


www.lastminutemusicians.com -  members site; employment, benefits


www.theMU.org - Musicians Union: protection; representation; benefits (eg free PLI)


www.wessexmusic.com - instruments etc. Sherbourne


www.absolutemusic.co.uk - top brand instruments, full studio facilities, etc.


www.freestylemusiccentre.com - instruments, rehearsal studios etc.


www.musicislife.co.uk - printed music, instruments etc.


Whatever the style of music you're involved with, at some stage you'll need it written down.

WriteMusic is here to help you do just that, either by using this guide, or we can do the whole thing for you!

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