What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music
What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music


With the introduction of music notation software running on desktop home computers, getting musical ideas onto paper has never been easier, although manually writing music onto manuscript paper still carries its own rewards when done properly.


Whatever your burgeoning claim to musical fame might be, ‘What's the Score?'

is designed primarily to assist budding composers to get their ideas and compositions written down in a proper musical format, irrespective of what tools they might be using to achieve this end.


Using this guide, you will be able to produce a properly formatted work that can easily be interpreted by other musicians, or presented to a publisher.


Whatever the style of music you're involved with, at some stage you'll need it written down.

WriteMusic is here to help you do just that, either by using this guide, or we can do the whole thing for you!

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