What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music
What's the Score? A Guide to the Layout & Presentation of Music

What's The Score? - Contents:

  • What’s The Score?     
  • Parts      
  • Title Page     
  • Spacing       
  • Directions   
  • Double Bar Lines  
  • Repeat Bar Lines   
  • Signs, Codas etc.  
  • Rehearsal Letters 
  • Rests  
  • Multirests    
  • Chord Symbols    
  • Part Extraction    
  • ‘Repeat’ Bars   
  • Stems (or ‘Tails’)   
  • Stave Text   
  • Lyrics      
  • Ties, Slurs and Phrases    
  • ‘Swing’ or ‘Shuffle’      
  • The Rhythm Section
  • Transposing Instruments      
  • ‘Front Line’ Instruments     
  • ‘Doubling’           
  • More Examples      
  • Appendix 

Whatever the style of music you're involved with, at some stage you'll need it written down.

WriteMusic is here to help you do just that, either by using this guide, or we can do the whole thing for you!

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